Rhythm of Moscow – by the Jazz Band Impact Fuze

This article was published in Russia and India Report – a news project of Rossiyskaya Gazeta. 

PC: Impact Fuze

Russia and Jazz is an unusual association. Expressing the pulse of the Russian capital through Jazz is even more so. That is how the band, Impact Fuze debuted and it was quite an impact they made with their fusion of jazz and rock. They are a power trio comprising of Russians Anton Davidyants (the bassist) and Feodor Dosumov (the guitarist) who is originally from Uzbekistan, and French Damien Schmitt (the drummer.)

Recently a popular radio jockey from New Delhi, Sarthak Kaushik discovered their music for his jazz special show. Sarthak, who is a veteran of the national channel, All India Radio’s western music broadcast, was impressed by the trio’s dexterity – “They are a fantastic band with an amazing understanding of music. Their play is highly nuanced. Feodor’s guitar play is particularly fascinating. Together they create very powerful music.” His response is just as the band envisions – ‘incorporating the energy, power and brutality of rock into the intelligence of jazz.’

The album ‘Moscow’ showcases their capacity for variety. “There are up-tempo tracks like Moscow and Punisher as well as mellower ones like Song for Elena and Lost in Found,” Sarthak observes, “they’ve straddled an entire progression.”

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