An introduction to paintings by Ritu Mehra

I wrote this introduction for the debut exhibition of Ritu Mehra.

All creative journeys begin with an exploration of the self and the surrounding. The artist perceives the given anew, with a childlike fancy and a discoverer’s enquiry. When unbridled by blinds of social conditioning, the neighbourhood becomes a treasure of inspiration. Realizing such a level of awareness can be rewarding as well as overwhelming. Patiently following a method through the magical madness, Ritu has emerged along this path.

Ritu Mehra has evolved a tool to plot her imagination. She gives herself a variable surface akin to a sandy riverbed or a mossy growth and improvises thereon adding elements and responding to nothing but the demands of her canvas. Her subjects take shape with softness of stanzas extracted from a poem, unscathed by the pangs of anxiety that the artist endures through the process. Like an adventurous alchemist she let’s varying ingredients simmer and become a whole represented in unified and often muted colours. Preoccupied in this lab within herself she delineates the brewing interactions of muses and mediums.

Her engineering mind takes off from a fresh frame of reference every time and playfully indulges in all that could apparate on her canvas and take it anywhere. Where this approach will go from here, there doesn’t seem to be a limit.


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