I am Priyanka Gera. I craft words and pictures, and I am a multimedia professional.

WRITING – I write for Indian and international publications, some of which are Hindustan Times, Shubh Yatra – Air India in-flight magazine, Spice Route – Spice Jet in-flight magazine, Outdoor Journal, Russia and India Report.

PHOTOGRAPHY – I cover multiple genres of commercial photography under the umbrella of my multimedia company DeftScapes Media.

MULTIMEDIA – I’ve worked as Senior Design Analyst for NIIT Ltd, and as Design Head for Tehelka.com. My company DeftScapes Media takes up Web Design, Development, and Social Media Management Projects.

Also, I’ve worked as media manager for a variety of sports events—Indian Open Golf, Avantha Masters, and IPL for GMR Sports’ Delhi Daredevils—to name a few. I continue to work as a radio jockey and sports-commentator with All India Radio.

Part-time gypsy is a viewpoint I use to observe people and places. By thinking like a traveller, in any given situation, I keep myself from the cynicism that is packaged with being too attached. I’ve found that such an outlook readily reveals ironies, simulates the charm of being elsewhere and keeps me curious. There is no clairvoyance involved in this process.